Significance of Mezbahn Logo

“Managing  the  Witness”

..... means I, “I am”.

I am”,   represent   “The Self”    that is  “I”.
The “I” shrinks to a singularity point to create space for evolution.
….. the alphabet Z if you slice it at the diagonal, it gives shapes of two Vs ; one V pointing upwards and another V pointing downwards,
like male ˄ and female ˅ symbols…… “bonded together for Eternity”. These are the positive and negative energies, the complementarities.
….. is a German word, it literally means… “Roads or Pathways”. In life journey we select, adopt different road maps or pathways, which are our choices.
“I am witness to the masculine and feminine characters inside me, programmed to manage in peace, harmony and love, with growth pathways/roads leading to immense possibilities in the whole universal ever-changing body consciousness.”
“managing the witness” is Mezbahn’s tag line.

Note: “mezbahn®” is registered trademark protected under laws in Malaysia, India and it belongs to Susheel Kamotra
@ Tinu