Universal Face Theory

It is the first, ever logical attempt with an innovative concept, which has neither been spoken nor explained by anyone in history of mankind hitherto. It’s similar like the concept of Gravity, which existed much earlier in our planet but no one knew about it until Newton explained in 16th century.

The Face Theory starts where the book from Stephen Hawkins… “A Brief History of Time” ends. It is an attempt to unravel the philosophical mysteries of the grand design in humans as singularity concept, “The Secret Of The Secrets”, which perhaps existed even before the big bang, and probably much understood and held by our great masters, yogis, fore-fathers who had merged with the mind of GOD.

Various scriptures / stories have been written since more than 5000 thousand years ago which affirm the similarities between the science, philosophy and religion. “Face Theory” unites science, philosophy, faith and religion, and explains our existence in a simple project management style, space-time singularity concept to be understood easily by a developing intellect of a child. 

The purpose of publishing face theory is to create complete understanding of our existence in broad principle to everyone on earth, but most importantly to a six (6) years old child. This innovative concept if planted in a child, at age of six (6) and nurtured with systematic educational development until the child achieves the age of thirteen (13), will train him/her to remain conscious every moment of the surrounding environment through out the life so that his/her mind is not influenced by any adverse energy. Rather he/she will have tools to overcome such situations at ease and to make appropriate natural decisions throughout his life, and thereby live happily contended.

The face theory makes oneself conscious, every moment, of the “Witness”….. “The One”, who is watching inside each and every one of us constantly like a “Saakshi” – the literal translation of the word “Witness” in Sanskrit language.

With conscious awareness every moment, one becomes ethical of one’s actions and inactions whereby it brings a natural borderless order of the development in the world not necessarily measured by the economic parameters of one region. One would become a self-realized person at much early age of one’s life; stay contended; and free from stressful corrupt practices, violence and hatred.

Ultimately this would bring equilibrium in demands and supplies of world resources in a long run, and which in turn would bring the world economies (debt) and their GDP levels to sustainable levels. Where there would be no disparity / difference between the regional GDP indices and the Happiness index numbers.    

The theory explains space-time singularity at time of birth, death and every moment (now) of our existence and how we are related with respect to the whole universe, like a living micro-cosmos.

This theory is a tribute to the great minds of our time and the living legends, philosophers, mentors, spiritual masters, gurus, teachers, politicians who are going to help implementation of this theory (knowledge) amongst the masses especially young children as national/global policy in the primary education system to eradicate corruption, balance resources to enhance productivity, and happiness all around the world.   

About the Author

The author, Mr Susheel Kamotra @ Tinu, with more than 30 years of experience in project management has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from PEC Chandigarh, India; MBA in Construction Business from IIUM Malaysia; and he is a registered Chartered Engineer (Civil) with Institution of Engineers India, and a Project Management Professional (PMP) with PMI USA.

The author has researched and tested his theory on various scenario for the past few years from the wall street to the main street; and also from construction field to social / household daily lives. He is confident that this theory will be endorsed by many scholars, Government agencies and implemented as a national educational policy worldwide…. a must, to be taught to new generation by teachers, parents, mentors etc to bring positive change. And also it would be taught in the corporate and business world to lower costs, increase quality and productivity.


The face theory is likely to be released during 2016 in form of short audio-visual educational module clips on YouTube, Face Book other social media; in form of hard copy Book, eBook, with ten (10) different chapters/modules in detail; also as a Documentary Film with 3D graphics, character animation and special effects so that it is understood easily by all, especially by small children.

This project is 100% funded by the author, who is a NRI living and working in Malaysia for the past two decades.

This project is for Humanity, for Education, for Peace; and Not-for-Profit. All proceeds are pledged to various children educational and development projects in India, Malaysia and around the world.

The author is not linked to any political party in India or Malaysia or anywhere in the world and contents of the documentary are not politically motivated.

Author and his family support various organizations in Malaysia, India, Worldwide, the list of which is being updated at the website www.mezbahn.com

The author has long association with VINCI, French Group on various construction projects in India and Malaysia, and runs his own project management consultancy companies, Mezbahn Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Mezbahn Technologies Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. Mezbahn Technologies is developing software applications to make people’s life better in association with Adapt Softwares India Pvt Ltd based in Gurgaon, India.

Recently in March 2016, a re-engineered video song, from Bollywood movie “Veer Zaara”, was released before “The World Cultural Festival” at New Delhi on YouTube, Face Book and other social media, as a tribute to various sportspersons, mentors, artists supporting various cultures, legends of film industry, peacemakers and other supportive energies around the world for making life a celebration. It was also in support of Indian Government’s initiative to support Art of Living Foundation’s 35 years of celebrations in uniting various world cultures as “Vasudhaiva Katumbakam”. The song may become last part of the documentary film, target to be released in 2016. The song is re-engineered with special license agreement with Yash Raj Films and is made 100% by very young startup artists in India. And the song is dedicated towards regional peace initiatives adopted by various Govt./NGOs originating from India, the city of temples in Jammu & Kashmir, and it spreads through Pakistan, Afganistan, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Palestine, Israel and whole Middle East.

The tag line of “mezbahn” …. “managing the witness”, means “managing the witness inside you”.

Universal Face Theory explains that one (human body) is fully equipped to manage the witness inside oneself. If one can manage oneself well that means one can manage anything. And that way one can be successful in any project in one’s life. And mezbahn is providing necessary tools, innovative ideas to remain close to highest level of consciousness at all times.